Dear Round Rock High School Parents,

On behalf of the Round Rock High School Baseball Booster Club, I send this message with great enthusiasm as we begin another exciting school year. Thanks to the generosity of the Round Rock parents, staff, and corporate community, we were able to make several improvements to our field this season and we also secured new sponsorships for the scoreboard. We couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone!

Our purpose is to maintain, improve and expand the Baseball program at Round Rock High School. We work closely with the coaches and encourage school, parent and community support for Round Rock Baseball. We offer financial support for the teams in the form of tournament fees, uniform purchases and more. We do this through several fundraisers, including our Casino Night, Tournament Gate Fees, Meet The Dragons event and concession sales at our home games. One thing we are very proud of is that annually, the Booster Club awards scholarships to several graduating seniors. We do a lot, but it is important to note that the Booster Club, a non-profit entity, does not interfere with Round Rock Baseball policies, eligibility requirements or administration.

One of our primary ongoing fundraising opportunities is through our concession stands and we need lots of volunteers for these shifts.  We ask that everyone on the team to sign up for 3-4 shifts per season. Team Mom’s will share access to Sign-Up Genius Concession Stand shift schedules. We also have opportunities to plan and carry out events, serve food at the banquets, sell Spirit Wear, assist with Dragon Scales, help update the website, solicit sponsorships, and more!

We are looking forward to a great year for our students at Round Rock High School. The Booster Club appreciates all of the efforts of the parents, staff, coaches, and community to help our students be successful. The Booster Club supports the players and Coaches at Round Rock High School and you can help us make a difference!

To Join the booster club click here to download our booster club membership form and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings in the near future.  Meetings are normally held on Tuesday nights at the Dragon baseball portable, in the off-season and Wednesday nights during the season, to avoid game conflicts.  Check out the meeting minutes from our last meeting on the meeting minutes page for when the next meeting is scheduled.

Go Rock!

Jeff Andrewartha

Booster Club President